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Depression is the normal human reaction to loss of any sort. Bereavement is
such a large loss that it is not surprising that feelings of depression or
sadness can last for a long time. The previous stages of shock, searching
and anger are all initial reactions to a death. They occur because parts of
us cannot yet believe or accept what has happened. Depression, however, comes
when we accept the reality of the loss, and react to it.

Depression may take the form of crying bouts, tiredness, disturbance of normal
sleep rhythms, loss of interest in things around us, or loss of concentration.
One person described it as the world losing colour.

Despite the well-intentioned phrase to “snap out of it”, depression is not
something that people can just shake off. It is a physical and mental condition,
which takes time to heal. Sometimes those suffering depression due to loss of a
loved one need professional help from doctors or counsellors.